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Schill Law Group has a dedicated team of drug trafficking defense lawyers who will work with you and aggressively defend your rights and freedom. Our criminal attorneys have decades of experience successfully handling drug trafficking offenses and can help you today. With our experience in these cases and dedication to uncovering all of the facts we strive to build an aggressive defense that will achieve the best possible result, including acquital.

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Arizona law doesn’t define what qualifies as “possession for sale” or transportation for sale” in drug offenses. When a defendent is accused of possessing an amount of drugs that meet or exceed the statutory threshold amount, then law enforcement assumes that the defendent intended to traffic or sell the drugs.

Other factors in these cases include the amount of money that was in possession of the defendent at the time of arrest, and any devices like scales or paraphernalia that could be used to separate the drugs.

If you or a loved one are facing this type of drug offense that involves a mandatory prison term, it is important to get the help of an experienced criminal attorney. Call today to schedule your free consultation..


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