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Schill Law Group has a dedicated team of family law attorneys who have decades of expereince in child relocation cases here in Arizona. Our lawyers handle family law cases exclusively, and use our experience and expertise in these cases to get a result that is in the best interests of you and your family.

– Child Relocation Attorneys

The most difficult cases for Family Law Judges is whether or not to permit one parent to relocate with the parties’ child(ren) to another state or to a location in the State of Arizona that is more than 100 miles from the other parent. When a parent objects to the relocation of his/her child(ren) he/she must take immediate action to ask the court to prevent the relocation. The problem with these cases is that there is no middle ground and no opportunity to negotiate the matter to a fair resolution. Either the child(ren) stay where they are or they go with the relocating parent. Relocation may cause a great deal of trauma to the child(ren) as well as to the non-relocating parent. A parent who has had visitation with his/her child(ren) every week finds themselves in a position where he/she will have blocks of time during school vacations and during the summer if the relocation is permitted by the court. The close, warm well-bonded relationship between parent and child will be stretched to its limits should the other parent be permitted to relocate the child(ren). These cases are difficult even with experienced legal counsel at your side. Without the assistance of an attorney the chances of successfully presenting your position to the court may become compromised. This is also true for the parent seeking to relocate with their children. The opposing parent, through his/her attorney, will be sure to present reasons why the child(ren) should remain where they have been for all or most of their lives. Both sides will benefit from hiring an attorney that has represented parents on both sides of this issue.

To most people, their children are their lives. Going from being an involved parent to a visitor, due to relocation of the child(ren) by the other parent, is completely unacceptable to them. When a parent either wants to relocate with their child(ren) or wants to prevent the other parent from doing so, they will be best served by hiring a family law attorney to represent them during the proceedings.

The Family Law attorneys at The Schill Law Group have the years of family law experience necessary to provide effective legal representation for the person involved in relocation litigation. Please call our office for a free consultation regarding your relocation case at (480) 690-1121 today.

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