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The divorce lawyers at Schill Law Group understand that you are going through a time of emotional and psychological upheaval. Divorce is a time when it may be difficult for you to approach the divorce intellectually rather than through the raw emotions that these proceedings create. It is in your best interest to have the assistance of a family law attorney during your divorce, even if your situation is amicable. A qualified attorney will provide you with guidance through the proceedings. You will have the assurance of knowing your rights under the law. An experienced divorce attorney will assist you in attempting to reach a fair and full outcome in all issues involved in your divorce, thereby eliminating the need for a trial. If your case does not settle and you are forced to go to trial, you will have the assurance of having an experienced divorce attorney at your side during the trial.

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Along with the many emotional and psychological issues that accompany divorce, there are a number of extremely important issues that not only affect the present but will also have a long term effect on one’s life in the future. These are the issues of division of community assets and liabilities; separate property; whether either spouse is eligible for spousal maintenance and if so how much and for how long; whether or not either spouse has wasted community assets, and whether either spouse should be required to pay some or all of the other spouse’s legal fees and expenses. For spouses that have children in common, the issues of custody, visitation and child support are of prime importance. Below are links to additional information on common topics you may have questions about:

Spousal Support

Asset Division

Division of Marital Home & Retirement Accounts

Same Sex Marriages

Many people do not know what to look for when they are considering which Phoenix divorce attorney to hire. Their divorce places them in a very stressful situation and it may be one that they have not experienced before. Making an important decision during this particularly stressful time can be very difficult. So choosing the right divorce attorney is critical as not all attorneys have the same level of experience and not every attorney is right for every case. In divorces, it is extremely important for the client and the attorney to have a good working relationship and to be able to understand each other.

The Phoenix divorce attorneys at The Schill Law Group have many years of experience in divorce cases. Some attorneys in other firms practice in a number of areas of law such as criminal defense and civil litigation. They may be competent in one or more areas, but they do not have the concentrated experience that an attorney that practices exclusively in one area has obtained. The divorce attorneys at Schill Law Group only practice this type of law and are able to handle your case effectively while being sensitive to you and the experience that you are going through during the divorce process. Please contact our office for a free consultation regarding your divorce.

Attorney John Schill, himself a combat veteran, understands the complexities of a family law case involving active duty, or retired military personnel. If you are currently in the military, or retired from the military and need help with a family law matter, call the Schill Law Group for the help you need.

The Schill Law Group does offer a discount for active duty, retired, and former military personnel.

We are a client-oriented firm, and we will go the extra mile to see that your divorce case concludes with the best possible results. Our attorneys have the expertise and understanding of the nature of divorce litigation to provide you with effective and dedicated representation. Your case will be handled directly by an attorney who will keep you informed and work diligently to ensure your case has a satisfactory outcome. Contact us today at (480) 525-8900 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our flat fee agreement.