Paternity Lawyers

In previous years, cases which addressed children’s issues between unmarried parents were termed paternity cases. Although the establishment of paternity is an important issue today, these case are more often referred to as establishment cases and address the issues of custody, visitation and past-due and current child support. The establishment of paternity is done using DNA testing which is 99.99% accurate.

Many times and for many reasons, parents that were romantically involved and then separated were able to parent their children by agreement. At some point, they realize that reaching agreement on all of the important issues involved in raising children is becoming impossible. A parent who was the visitation parent finds himself/herself being deprived of time with their child(ren) without having any legally enforceable court orders. They discover that they can continue to be prevented from having a role with their child(ren) live(s) or they can file an establishment petition with the court.

The attorneys at The Schill Law Group are experienced with the issues of paternity, child custody and child support (both past-due support and current support). If one does not have an attorney to represent them, they will have to go to court by themselves. They will have to determine what evidence to present to their judge, what to tell the judge during the trial and also how to ask proper questions of the opposing party. The lawyers at The Schill Law Group will choose the most appropriate documents to present to the judge at trial. They will prepare and ask the questions that will present the client’s side of the case to the judge in the most logical and effective manner and will be able to cross-examine the opposing party. It has been a long established fact that due to the extremely large caseloads of all of the Family Court Judges, trials and evidentiary hearings, in family cases, are given short trial time and the advantage goes to the party that has an attorney with the experience necessary to effectively present their case to the judge.

The fate of a child is too important to leave to chance and you need the right family law attorney on your side. We are passionate about helping our clients and their families. Please contact our office for a confidential, free consultation regarding your paternity law case at (480) 525-8900.