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Many people marry someone who comes into the marriage with one or more children. During the marriage, the two spouses decide to engage the services of a step-parent adoption attorney in Arizona because they feel that it would be best for the children and the family as a whole for the new husband or wife to adopt the child(ren). This is called a step-parent adoption and can go a long way toward developing and cementing the new parent/child relationship, giving both sides a greater sense of belonging and permanence. Formalizing this special family relationship can be a wonderful time of joy for both the child or children and both parents, but there is a specific legal process that must be followed to properly complete the step-parent adoption. A step-parent who adopts a child agrees to become the legal parent of the child or children and is fully responsible for his or her spouse’s children.

At the Schill Law Group, we have extensive experience in these cases and will work with you from the start to ensure you correctly follow this complicated process and have all of the information you need in order to demonstrate to the court that step parent adoption is in the best interests of the child or children.

Why You Need a Step-parent Adoption Attorney in Arizona

There are a number of legal steps that need to be taken by the spouses before the formal adoption of the child(ren) is granted. The natural parent must complete a consent to adopt form, and the step-parent must complete a petition to adopt form. The other natural parent of the child(ren) must either voluntarily relinquish their parental rights or there must be a severance trial where the natural parent and the prospective adoptive parent must persuade the court that severing the other natural parent’s parental rights is in the child(ren)’s best interests. When a step-parent adopts a child, the noncustodial parent not only gives up his or her parental rights to the child, but is also relieved of any financial responsibility as well, including providing child support. It would be best for anyone who wants to proceed with a step-parent adoption, or an adoption of a child that is not related to either spouse, to hire an attorney experienced in these matters.

Professional Competency, Compassion, and Objectivity

Individuals that do not hire step-parent adoption attorneys in Arizona may discover that the legal adoption process is emotionally overwhelming. The compassionate, understanding family law specialists at the Schill Law Group are experienced with step-parent adoption cases in Arizona and are able to remain objective throughout the adoption process while also being sensitive to the emotions involved on all sides of the issue. We will go the extra mile to provide everyone involved with peace of mind knowing that each phase of the adoption process is being handled thoughtfully, competently, and effectively by your attorney.

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