Grandparents Rights Attorneys

Many judges believe that a child’s best interests are promoted by the child having meaningful, quality time with their grandparents. There are times when even the best, most devoted and loving grandparent is denied contact with his/her grandchild(ren) for no justifiable reason. Grandparents have been provided with rights by the legislature and under certain circumstances, a grandparent may file appropriate court papers and obtain the assistance of the court with respect to obtaining orders for visitation with their grandchild(ren). Depriving a child of time with his/her grandparent not only hurts the grandparent but prevents the child from having the love, guidance and good times and memories that a meaningful relationship with a grandparent provides

The emotional and psychological upset experienced by a grandparent torn away from their grandchild(ren) makes it very difficult for them to effectively present their case to the court. Trial is a time that one must refrain from emotional outbursts and present one’s position in a clear and logical manner. To do so requires the experience of a family law attorney from the Schill Law Group. When you hire one of our attorneys, you will have the benefit of years of family law experience and the knowledge the attorney by at your side has represented grandparents in cases like yours.

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