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Child custody is an emotionally charged issue that can come into play during every aspect of a divorce, from before the divorce has been initiated with the courts to even post-divorce situations due to changes in life situations or family dynamics. While some states are known as “mother’s states,” in an Arizona custody determination, family courts do not discriminate against a parent based on gender.

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There’s nothing more important than the well being of your children. At Schill Law Group our attorneys realize this and work tirelessly to get a result in the best interests of you and your children.

Our child custody attorneys are experienced, compassionate, and have decades of expereince and expertise in Arizona child custody and family law cases.

Our child custody lawyers practice in courts statewide and offer a free consultation to discuss your unique circumstances and legal options.


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The Child Custody Attorneys at Schill Law Group Take Great Pride in the Results We Achieve For Our Clients. Here Are Some of the Recent Reviews Clients Have Left About Us on Google.

Great law firm took on my case always professional kept me updated always and won my case I recommend them highly to anyone needed representation.


When I tell people I got divorced they say oh I’m sorry but I am grateful for a good divorce attorneys like Schill Law Group they work hard to help you get a second chance to be happy!

Stacey Reedy

“Schill Law Group was a tremendous help for me and my family. They were thoroughly invested in helping us with our legal issue and very friendly. If you are in need of representation I recommend contacting John.”

Ronny Vestal

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