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Child custody is an emotionally charged issue that can come into play during every aspect of a divorce, from before the divorce has been initiated with the courts to even post-divorce situations due to changes in life situations or family dynamics. While some states are known as “mother’s states,” in an Arizona custody determination, family courts do not discriminate against a parent based on gender.

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In Arizona, child custody is determined based on several factors, but the deciding factor is ultimately what is in the best interests of the child. Arizona’s public policy is that both parents should be involved in decision making for the children. Unless there is solid evidence proving it should decide otherwise, the court endeavors to maximize both parent’s time with the children, and both parents are given equal consideration when it comes to who should be awarded custody. Equal custody rights are given to both parents until a custody order is issued. In Arizona, the minor child does not have the option to decide which parent he or she lives with. Family court may consider the child’s wishes, but the child cannot make the custody decision. The Phoenix child custody lawyers at the Schill Law Group know how the courts make their decisions and what factors are most important to them. We will use that knowledge to investigate the entire situation, present evidence, and convincingly argue your case.

The Schill Law Group is full of experienced, committed Phoenix child custody lawyers that handle only family law cases. In addition to addressing child custody during an initial proceeding, many times the first custody orders become obsolete due to changes in the dynamics of the families of both parents or because one of the parents has become unfit or their lifestyles require different custody orders. There are times when one parent is refusing to follow the court orders, thereby depriving the other parent of their right to participate in important child raising decisions. When this happens, the wronged parent may file court papers requesting enforcement of the current order or court papers requesting the court to modify the current custody orders.

On January 1, 2013, the term “custody” was changed to “parental decision-making,” so if you hear that term, it has the same meaning as custody did before this date. The issue of custody in paternity cases is treated the same way it is treated in divorce and post-decree proceedings. When it comes to custody decisions, there are two factors: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody has to do with the location where children live and with whom they live, while legal custody refers to lifestyle decisions such as medical care, schooling, and religious upbringing. If one parent is awarded sole custody, they are often referred to as the custodial parent. It is possible for parents to share joint legal custody without sharing joint physical custody. Parents often can reach an agreement between them regarding custody or parenting time, but if they cannot reach a mutually agreeable arrangement on their own, the court will make a determination.

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The child custody attorneys at The Schill Law Group have years of experience in all phases of custody litigation. Whether it is a divorce or paternity case, a modification of custody orders or an enforcement of custody orders case, our attorneys have the experience and understanding of the nature of custody litigation to provide you with effective and dedicated legal representation.

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