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How To Get Your Arizona Class 6 Felony Charge Reduced to a Misdemeanor

The Schill Law Group works every day with people just like you who want to move on from past mistakes and pursue a better future. We are deeply familiar with the process for having an Arizona felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor and all of the challenges and complications that can come up during the process. If you want to pursue a felony charge reduction or simply have questions, call now to schedule a free consultation with an attorney that can help.

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We know that having a felony charge on your record can feel like the end of the world. Many Arizona employers have policies that prohibit them from making a hire should a felony turn up on a background check, and it can even become impossible for ex-felons to obtain certain professional licenses. In addition to this, those with felonies on their records are ineligible to own a gun or to serve on juries. On top of everything else, you may find it difficult to secure housing or to be granted bank loans. The list of potential problems could go on and on.

Fortunately, there is hope for you if you have previously been convicted on a felony charge. By working with the aggressive and experienced team at Schill Law Group, you may have the ability to knock your felony charge down to a misdemeanor. In the state of Arizona, certain felony charges are eligible for being reduced to a misdemeanor, thus enabling you to move forward with your goals and dreams for your life.

Steps For Having Felony Dropped To Misdemeanor

  1. Receive or negotiate for a class 6 felony charge conviction.
  2. Complete the terms of sentencing.
  3. Successfully meet all of the requirements of your probation.
  4. Work with your attorney to secure an agreement to reduce the charge on your record to a misdemeanor.

What is a Class 6 Undesignated Felony in Arizona?

In Arizona, felonies fall under one of six different classes, with a Class 6 felony being the lowest level offense. This particular class of felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor. This is because a Class 6 Undesignated felony carries the implication that your offense could result in either a felony or a misdemeanor on your final record. The level of a felony charge is determined during the initial conviction.

After you have received a class 6 felony, you will be required to complete your sentence, including any probation. Until you have successfully met the terms of your probation, the charge will be treated as a felony. After this time, you can request that the felony is reduced to, or “designated,” as a misdemeanor. This, of course, requires the careful negotiation of a plea agreement at the time of sentencing.

How To Negotiate a Class 6 Undesignated Felony

If you or a loved one is facing a felony charge, the idea of taking a plea agreement for an undesignated felony may initially seem like a bad idea. In situations where there is insufficient evidence to exonerate yourself and could face a more serious conviction from a jury and/or judge, however, accepting a Class 6 charge could be in your best interest. It’s crucial that you have a skillful criminal defense attorney on your team who knows when it’s best to accept this type of plea agreement, and who will have the ability to fight for a reduction to a misdemeanor down the road. Your attorney should also be able to negotiate the terms of your probation, thus helping you to avoid situations where the terms are too difficult for you to meet or are unreasonable.

It should be noted that those with prior felony convictions are not typically eligible for a plea agreement. Consequently, you may find it more difficult to obtain a Class 6 felony charge or to have it later reduced to a misdemeanor. Again, it’s imperative that you seek out excellent legal representation for your case.

Other Methods for Having a Felony Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Plea agreements involving a Class 6 felony are the most common ways to have a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor in Arizona. Even so, it’s not the only way to clean up your criminal record. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to fight for a misdemeanor by proving that there are problems with the prosecution’s case or by providing evidence of procedural issues. In addition to this, your lawyer may also have the ability to have your charge reduced right off the bat if this is your first offense and you have been accused of a low-level felony.

Getting a felony reduced to a misdemeanor in Arizona can be life-changing, so it’s important that you choose serious, experienced legal representation. Don’t leave your life and future to chance. Reach out to the experts at Schill Law Group so that you can start getting your life back on track today.