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Illegal Manufacture of Drugs in Arizona

In Arizona, being accused of possession or sale of illegal/controlled substances is much different than being accused of manufacturing or cultivating drugs. As such, you could face much harsher penalties should you be found guilty. Understanding what state law says about the manufacture of drugs will help you seek out an experienced lawyer with the ability to build the best defense for your unique case.

Manufacture of Illegal Drugs

The majority of illegal drug manufacture charges in Arizona are related to labs for producing substances like methamphetamine or ecstasy. The manufacture of these drugs often requires the use of a range of ingredients, from the pseudoephedrine found in over-the-counter cold medications, all the way to more chemically volatile and toxic ingredients like ammonia, lithium, acetone, and ether. Sometimes, simply purchasing or owning ingredients like these can raise suspicions with the authorities. Amassing large quantities of these materials is against the law.

An entire special task force is dedicated to serving the state of Arizona as it seeks out and penalizes those who operate labs like these and manufacture illegal drugs. In the event that you are accused of operating a drug laboratory, producing illegal substances, or possessing excessive quantities of the ingredients used in the manufacture of drugs, you are up against some potentially serious consequences. Even for a first offense, the owner/operator of a meth lab may receive up to 15 years in state prison. This sentence can be enhanced to 20 years in the event that meth was produced in the presence of a child. On a second offense, an individual may be punished with a 35-year prison sentence and the loss of property. You should also be aware that the owner of a property where drugs are being produced can be held legally accountable for the manufacture – even if they were not directly involved with the production process. Because there are so many ways to be accused of being tied into an illegal drug manufacture case, it’s important to get help from an experienced criminal defense attorney like Schill Law Group immediately.

Cultivation of Illegal Drugs

In addition to being accused of manufacturing illegal drugs, you can also be accused of illegally cultivating controlled substances in Arizona. Although drug cultivation charges usually occur as the result of growing marijuana, you could also be punished for growing substances like peyote or psychedelic mushrooms. Sometimes, these drugs are cultivated outdoors, but it is more common for growers to maintain “grow houses” where they are able to regulate light, temperature, and humidity levels. As in the case of illegal drug laboratories, individuals can be legally prosecuted in situations where substances are being illegally cultivated, regardless of their level of involvement. Because illegal cultivation is considered to be a felony and carries consequences of up to seven years in prison, it’s in your best interest to hire a reliable lawyer as soon as you are formally accused.

Serious Charges Demand Serious Legal Expertise

In the event that you or a loved one is accused of illegal drug manufacture and/or cultivation in Arizona, you don’t have any time to lose. Because the freedom and future of the accused are at stake, you need to make it a priority to seek out and hire a professional criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with drug manufacture-related charges. A free or low-cost public defender will not be able to give the time and attention required to offer up your best defense and protect your rights.

We will aggressively fight to defend you in Arizona court, regardless of your drug manufacture or cultivation charge. Give us a call to schedule a free case consultation and to get started on your defense today.