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How to find the best DUI attorney in Phoenix

How to find the best DUI attorney in Phoenix

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best DUI attorney Phoenix

How to find the best DUI attorney in Phoenix

If you have been charged for driving under the influence, it is important that you hire the best dui attorney in Phoenix to help defend your charges. Hiring an experienced and aggresive dui attorney is vital as this increases your chances of getting the dui charges dismissed. It can mean the difference between getting a conviction with harsh penalties and having your charges possibly dismissed.

Some dui charges can be complex especially when there is property damage or injuries to a 3rd party involved. DUI charges can have an immediate impact on your day-to-day life by affecting your driving privileges, employment, and earning you jail time. As such, it is necessary that you immediately find an experienced and professional dui attorney, from a reputable law firm like the Schill Law Group, to help you navigate the complex Arizona legal system and get you favorable results.

Here are some vital tips on how to find the best dui attorney in Phoenix;

1. How experienced is the attorney?

Experience is key when looking for a dui attorney to handle your case. You don’t want a newbie who may easily be defeated by an experienced prosecution. An experienced dui attorney knows the tactics and channels to best represent you. They will study the facts of your case keenly and advise you on the best way to proceed using their experience on such similar past cases.

2. Recommendations

Recommendations and referrals are one sure way of getting a verified dui attorney. A friend, colleague, relative or any other person whose opinion you trust can give you some good information about their overall experience with a certain dui attorney and the outcome of their case. You can also visit trusted online review sites and hear what past clients are saying about an attorney’s performance.

3. Qualifications

For a dui attorney, it is best that you hire an attorney that is experienced in handling dui cases. If you are hiring an attorney who practices as an individual, make sure to confirm that they are licensed, have a good ethical record, are not disbarred, and have a good track record in their past cases. But if you are hiring form a reputable law firm such as the Schill Law Group, you can trust that their attorneys have already undergone serious background checks.

4. What is the attorney’s availability?

For best results, your attorney should commit plenty of time and effort to your case. They should be readily available to discuss the matters of your case whenever need be, one who understands the laws, and one who can easily communicate with you when needed.

5. Do you get a free consultation?

During a consultation, you can best be able to assess the working style and experience of an attorney. Here you will be able to discuss your case and see what options the attorney offers you.

6. Choose The Schill Law Firm

So, if you are looking for all these and more in a DUI attorney Phoenix, here is why the Schill Law Group is the place to turn to;

Experience– The Schill Law Group boasts of over 100 years combined legal experience in DUI cases. They have literally handled all types of dui cases and this gives them a better chance at winning when representing you.

Free consultation– You get a free consultation with one of the Schill Law Group attorneys to assess the facts of your case in depth.
Attorney’s availability- Your assigned attorney will communicate with you whenever needed.
Proven track record- The attorneys at the Schill Law Group have won over 300 jury verdicts!

Reliable representation throughout– Your case will be handled by one attorney all the way through to ensure consistency and convenience.
Don’t let your DUI charges affect your life negatively in a huge way. Hire the best dui attorney Phoenix from the Schill Law Group and get the best representation.